Creation of “Human Design Center”. The center will help people from different ages and together we will solve their problems. Problems vary from not ability to take care of their children (ex. they need kinder garden) to psychological problems.

Except solving their problems we will try to develop their skills by provoking them to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Intellectually they will be stimulated by studying foreign languages. Emotionally-through discussion of various topics in groups and spiritually they will be stimulated through charity work.
We expect this center to be visited by children, teenagers, their parents and singles that would like to find a partner.

For children:
– Paid help for school lessons
– Paid English Lessons
– Free sexual Education and discussion of important subjects in a group
– Paid help for baby sitting

For parents:
– Free Psychological Help for family affairs
– Paid course “Fighting our fear of flying”

For people who have aerophobia we will organize the following course that will include:
1. Discussion of the problem in a group – what exactly we are scared from.
2. Plane crashes and the reason behind them – movies.
3. Tour around Sofia Airport in order to start fighting our fear of flying step by step.
4. Lecture from a plane constructor about safety measures in aviation business.
5. Entrance and staying inside of a parked plane at the airport.
6. Consultation with the crew of a plane-stewardess and pilots.
7. Entrance in a training device for pilots.
8. Test flight with a helicopter. (if there is a financial means for this)
9. Discussion with fans of flying – for their feelings during flight.
10. First test flight with a plane at a short distance – to the Bulgarian sea cite, Greece or Romania.

For young persons:

We will organize a web site where everyone can send us his/her CV and his/her requirements for a prospective partner. We will match this person with another one. They will exchange short movies with a presentation of everyone and then if they like each other they will meet. Meetings will be placed in a club where each man and a woman will meet 5 people and rate them on different criteria. After each session we can give a feedback to the ones that have problem finding person by pointing them out what the others didn’t like in their behavior. They will receive a psychological help and information. For this we will receive a little remuneration.


~ от nadiaterzieva на ноември 1, 2012.

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